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before you start, recovery for the social drinker

Science-backed supplements to combat modern-day stressors that slow you down.

Why bys? (before you start)

Recovery for the Social Drinker
Herbal dietary supplement to aid in the prevention of

- hangovers
- liver damage
- dehydration

Herbal Formula Contains

- Korean Dendropanex leaves
- Ginseng & Turmeric root

Why should I take bys?

Scientifically Proven Ingredients

Our unique blend of ingredients including DHM, GMT-ALC, Korean Dendropanax leaf, ginseng, turmeric root have been scientifically proven to help rehydrate your body, prevent hangovers, and promote liver health.

Recovery, Before You Start

bys is founded on the belief that it is better to prevent symptoms than to treat them.

When should I take bys?

To Help Prevent Hangovers

Take one packet of bys right before you first drink to help in the prevention of hangovers the next day.

To Help Prevent Dehydration

Take one packet of bys in the morning along with your other vitamins & supplements, or before a workout to help prevent dehydration throughout the day.

Sean James


Health & fitness are two of the cornerstones of my lifestyle. Discipline and consistency are both key factors in maintaining that lifestyle. Part of that discipline is knowing that if you want to get up in the morning to get your workout done, you cannot be out drinking the night before. As a businessman, that discipline is always being tested as so much of my business is done through networking over drinks at night during the week. So naturally, when my colleague and good friend introduced me to Tak Yoo and to his company, BYS, I was intrigued.
The BYS products are game changers for me because they prevent those hangovers from happening in the first place. They contain natural ingredients that prevent hangovers simply by taking the product before you begin drinking. As an entrepreneur and a former NFL athlete still heavily rooted in the sports, health and wellness arenas of business, when I experienced first-hand how effective the BYS products were, the obvious next step for me was to pursue investing in BYS myself.